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Motoichi Adachi

Motoichi Adachi: Broadcast writer, novelist, media producer, and Ph.D in Engineering. Produced numerous popular television programs that rank among the tops in Japan, and also known as “the King of Audience Rating”. Awards history: “The 42nd Galaxy Awards Grand Prize”, “UN Peace Film Festival 2007 Special Award”, and “The 49th International Emmy Award”. From the experiences of achieving the top of the mass media, he established a method to “capture people’s hearts and create hits and booms”, and teaches it to others also. With lectures such as “Motivation Up”, “Let’s Make Our Lives Shine”, and “Generate Hits and Booms and Earnings”, he has earned more than 100,000 enthusiastic followers(?) throughout Japan. With his creativity, he has entered the world of art as well, and has been developing activities such as “Scamorphose”, “Bondage” and “Atomic Bomb Hiroshima” like the eye of a typhoon that we can’t take our eyes off of. In 2015, Kawagoe City Museum of Art “Scamorphose”. In 2019, Roppongi Galleria “The Bondage Exhibition”. From his near-death experience due to a life-threatening disease at age 29, he adopted a motto, “It doesn’t matter what happens in life, let’s do whatever we want to do as we like!” and has attracted attention as the dangerous(?) creator who is unpredictable what to do next.