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The Scamorphose

A computer malfunction of which the cause cannot be determined—an induced malfunction of the computer, which has unparalleled accuracy, is the origin of Scamorphose. The girl who faces left is the same person as the one who faces right, but actually during the photo shoot, she just remained facing left and never turned to face right. However, when the scanner moves from left to right as she also moves toward left while facing left, the right-facing girl, who does not exist in reality, appears. The cause of this malfunction has not yet been resolved (Work 006). Digital scanners assume that the subject being scanned does not move. However, if the subject moves during scanning … a strange image appears. “This is me different from usual me,” but this is also “real me” that has not been touched up by computer graphics or digital processing at all. “What is the real thing?” “Isn’t this visible world the only real world?” Scamorphose is a digital image that is produced faithfully in real time, which “questions the true nature of the real existence.”

Scamorphose Work001
(3m x 3m)

2015.1.29 – 2.1 @ Kawagoe City Art Museum

Scamorphose Flyer
  (3m x 30m)
Scamorphose 002
(3m x 3m)
Scamorphose 003
(3m x 3m)
Scamorphose 004
(3m x 3m)
Scamorphose 005
Scamorphose 006
Scamorphose 007

Scamorphose 010

Scamorphose 012
Scamorphose 014
Scamorphose 015
Scamorphose 016
Scamorphose b

Mini Pieces Created With iPhone

Scamorphose iPhone1 Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower
Mt. Fuji
  Mt. Fuji


Installation art that utilized the Scamorphose phenomenon

By standing in front of a self-standing & auto-rotating scanning camera,

participants themselves are projected in the Scamor-world

Scamor Yourself-1
Scamor Yourself-2
Scamor Yourself-3
Scamor Yourself-4
Scamor Yourself-5
Scamor Yourself-6
Scamor Yourself-7
Scamor Yourself-8
Scamor Yourself-9
Scamor Yourself-10
Scamor Yourself-11

Academic Paper

Academic Paper p1
Academic Paper p2
Academic Paper p3
Academic Paper p4
Academic Paper p5
Academic Paper p6
Academic Paper p7